Lose Weight Fast

by John Hall

What factors cause weight gain? Ask anyone this question and the answers will be varied and often entertaining.

The simple answer is that we gain or lose weight because our food intake is not balanced with our digestion and metabolism.

We all need food but what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat directly affects our health.

Food intake

The multi-billion GBP/$ “diet” industry would have us believe that if you “watch your weight”, you will “slim faster”. They highlight on low-calorie, low-fat and artificially sweetened food and drinks that they manufacture and sell to you. Many of these foods are sold at reasonable prices – this is to ensure that you will develop the habit of purchasing them regularly so that you feel you are following “the diet”.

Have you ever noticed that the customers perusing down the “diet” aisle of our supermarkets are generally overweight compared to those purchasing raw foods to be cooked/prepared at home?

Have you also noticed that people who consume “diet” drinks are not just overweight but often obese?

Low-calorie diets do not work – the reason is that if your calorie intake is less than sensible for your body type and lifestyle, your metabolism will slow down (a slower metabolism does not use as many calories). Your body goes into “starvation mode”in that it is attempting to live on the restricted resources that you are supplying. Yes, you may lose weight initially but any slight increase in calories will trigger weight gain as your body stores, as fat, these extra calories for when food becomes scarce again (the next diet!) The cycle continues… you begin to yo-yo diet and eventually store more and more fat as a result.

Low-fat diets can be dangerous. We all need fat in our diet – you would die without sufficient fat. The brain is a fatty organ and many of our vital organs have an essential protective layer of fat around them (kidneys, nerves etc.)

Be wary of foods labeled “low-saturated-fat”. These foods may be slightly lower in saturated fat than the regular product but they may have extra types of fat added such as trans-fats. Trans fats are unsaturated fats but can cause more damage to the body than saturated fats. (There is always the temptation to eat more of a low-fat product because you think it’s healthy… you will probably end up consuming far more that if you had chosen the regular product initially.)

Diet drinks are dangerous! The best advice anyone could take is to avoid all diet drinks. These drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners and often have zero calories. They cause rapid weight gain!


Whenever we consume food, the sensors on the tongue send a message to the brain “food is on it’s way!”

The brain then sends a message to the digestive system “food is on it’s way!”

The digestive system then produces the hormones and digestive enzymes to process the “food or drink on it’s way “and waits for it to arrive.

This system works well if the food/drink is natural (no artificial sweeteners) and the body can produce enough hormones and digestive enzymes to process the amount of food consumed.

If you consume, for example, a diet drink – it tastes sweet so the appropriate messages are sent around the body and the pancreas produces an amount of insulin that awaits in the bloodstream for the oncoming sugar. ( Insulin reacts with the sugar and takes it around the body cells to be used as energy).

An artificial sweetener contains no natural sugar so the insulin waits and waits… there is no interaction between the sweetener and the insulin. If this situation is repeated, the insulin becomes tired of waiting and effectively goes into sleep-mode. Consequently when real sugar arrives, the insulin still fails to react. You become resistant to the insulin and any natural sugars are not processed by the insulin. This results in large amounts of sugar being present in the bloodstream – the sugar, without the insulin, cannot enter the body cells to convert to energy so you become tired and lethargic. The sugar in the bloodstream is then stored as fat because the body cannot use it… weight gain increases rapidly.

Your diet drink has made you insulin resistant, caused rapid weight gain and you are fast heading to become a type 2 diabetic.

Remember, we gain or lose weight because our food intake is not balanced with our digestion and metabolism.

No matter how much healthy food we eat, if our digestion is poor, the nutrients in our food will not be fully absorbed and utilised in the cells of our body.

If our metabolism is at a low rate, we will not use all the energy giving nutrients we assimilate and storage as fat will result.

I have seen many people who take a very nutritious diet but are nutrient deficient because of poor digestion.

As we age, the production of digestive and metabolic enzymes reduces. Digestive enzymes are primarily concerned with digesting food and metabolic enzymes deliver nutrients to cells and activate the various processes in the body.

Enzymes are the spark of life and without them, we would die. Enzymes carry nutrients, vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream and then into the body’s cells. Cellular activity for the production of energy and repair of tissue is dependent upon enzymes. Metabolic (systemic) enzymes also assist the immune system by seeking out and destroying none-self proteins that harm our body. There are thousands of enzymes in the body that carry out this important work to keep us alive and healthy.

It is understandable that because our enzyme levels decrease rapidly as we age, our digestive, metabolic and immune systems are not as efficient as they were in our youth. Cellular deterioration increases proportionately to enzyme depletion. The more enzymes you have, the “younger”your body will be! Enzymes are indeed anti-ageing.

Most of us will agree that it becomes increasingly more difficult to lose weight as we age. Yes, our body changes over time and we often just look at the results… wrinkles, southern migration of body tissue… etc. Just imagine what is happening to the inside of your body – cells are becoming weaker, the cell walls are more fragile, the energy production is reduced and the immune system is slower to respond to ill-health.

There are various symptoms of digestive enzyme depletion and ways you can help correct this: also the effect of having a strong presence of metabolic enzymes and how they help to keep you in tip-top health.

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John Hall

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