Tips on Running to Lose Weight

by: Todd Butcher

Running is an excellent way to tone the body, increase your metabolism and lose weight. Running to lose weight will help you to produce a cardiovascular workout that improves the function of the heart and strengthens and tones your lower body muscles. As you run your body will naturally shed unwanted pounds. Some people take up running to loose weight as it can burn calories very quickly. This makes sense as a 150 pound person will burn hundreds of calories an hour while running plus the increase in metabolism will help you to burn calories during the day at an increased rate. If you have been thinking about running to reduce your weight there are some things to think about before you get started.

Jogging benefits the body as does all exercise. When you run or exercise you increase your metabolism or processing of food. This will not only help you while you are exercising it can help you through out the day and even while you sleep. When people focus on running to lose weight their main goal is to process food efficiently so that it does not convert to fat. Running is a premium way of doing this. Running offers more cardiovascular help than merely going to the gym and lifting weights. Many people like to run as it is more scenic and interesting that sitting in a gym. Because you choose your running environment you can run in an area that is interesting with plenty of scenery or even run to work.

Some people worry about running to lose weight as it can put stress on the knees and joints. This is more true for those who are overweight than it is for those that are in shape. If you wear quality running shoes you will find that these problems are not really a concern. The cushioning in newer shoes absorbs most of the shock. Besides once you begin running, the muscles, ligaments and bone density will be strengthened to the point of resisting any additional shock. Running is a great way to increase the body’s overall condition not only skeletally but in a cardiovascular condition. One important thing to learn is that if you are going to start running, make sure to get a shoe that will allow you to run without feeling the shock of the road.

Enjoy Running to Lose Weight

Many people who take up running stick with it for years as it is an enjoyable way to exercise and keep in shape. If you are a runner you will have more freedom in eating as you will burn food quickly. You will also be able to sleep better at night. As long as you do not overdo it, you will feel an overall sense of well being as you run from month to month. The body produces an increased amount of endorphins with exercise that create a sense of relaxation and clarity of mind. If you are running to lose weight, plan out your route and get some well cushioned shoes. Running will help you to greatly benefit your health, build muscles and lose unwanted fat. What more could you ask for.

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