Helping Your Child To Overcome Being Overweight

By Olayinka A Oni

It is no longer news that a lot of our children are becoming overweight. The sedentary life style we live has eaten very deep into the fabric of our daily lives no thanks to technological advancement. Gone are the days when children looked forward to going to the park to run around and have fun. Those days have sadly been replaced by endless hours of sitting in front of video games, TV and computers. We have every cause to worry because many of our overweight kids will grow up into obese and overweight adults, with higher risk to life threatening and limiting diseases leading to reduction in their life expectancy. Already statistics have shown that over 17% of children in the Western world are overweight. This frightening trend didn’t just happen overnight but occurred due to our own new way of life which our children have copied from us. The pressure of work and trying to make ends meet has kept most parents almost at their duty posts for long hours everyday leaving very little time to supervise their children’s activities. Thus a lot of our children suffer neglect. Eating out has become the new way of dining relegating cooking of family dinner to the background.

Our children have developed an insatiable craving for sugar filled foods and fizzy drinks which is becoming uncontrollable. Getting your children to quit playing video games or spending time online is considered almost impossible. Instead of trying to eliminate what you consider to be a bad influence, offer alternatives to video games and television that are fun. These alternatives could be as simple as taking the dog out for a walk in the park or at times sending the child on an errand to a convenience store down the street. Another important thing to consider when helping a child lose weight is their diet. Once again it’s going to be impossible to cut out all of their sweets and other unhealthy foods. Instead of trying to impose a healthy diet upon them, you can look for healthy foods that they enjoy. Convince them of the need to eat more fruits instead of sweets and chocolate. By providing your child with options instead of trying to force them to eat healthy, you can increase the chances that they will improve their eating habits.

The key to helping a child lose weight is learning to effectively communicate with your child and finding middle ground. Instead of trying to force change upon them, try to encourage them to want to change. Weight loss can be quite challenging and difficult for anyone and trying to get a child to understand that they need to lose weight is no exception. But by offering them alternatives and solutions instead of focusing upon their shortcomings, you can make their weight loss something that is positive. There will be setbacks and things may become difficult. But by remaining positive, by focusing upon a solution, you can help your child to lose weight and live a healthier life. For more detailed tips and food recipes that your children will enjoy please visit the website below.

Olayinka Oni.

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