Lose Weight Fast the Slow Way – Treat Your Muscles With Kindness

Lose Weight Fast the Slow Way

by Steve Mancini

If you’ve ever been in a gym or watched certain television shows, you’ve probably seen it: Some muscle-bound guy jerking and throwing his barbells around as if they were a wild hyena going for his throat! It just looks painful. And not very good for your body either. I prefer smooth, continuous, slow movements when I work out, using light weights. It’s called “slow burn”.

I didn’t invent slow burn workouts; they’ve been around for quite awhile, but many of us haven’t heard of them. The basic idea of a slow burn workout is to keep your muscle engaged much longer than a traditional “toss-the-weights-around” workout, typically four to eight seconds for each movement of the muscle. For example, when you’re doing a rep on the bench press, lower the weight towards your chest for a count of at least four seconds, then repeat when pushing it back up. I hover around five or six seconds per movement.

The reason for using lighter weights is that you have much more control of the steadiness and fluidity of each movement, helping to keep your muscles and bones in proper alignment. Also, you’ll soon discover that after just a few reps your muscle will be burning, but a good burn.

I never do a determined amount of repetitions for any one exercise. It’s usually close, on a day-to-day basis, but I just do each exercise until my muscles just can’t go any more. Plus, you’ll only have to do one or two sets for each muscle group and you’re done! I usually spend about twenty to thirty minutes per workout. There’s no need for more.

Using this kind of workout helps prevent injury and allows you to monitor the size and definition of your muscles carefully. I tend to put on muscle mass easily (for many, this is a blessing, but not for me), so doing my exercises in this fashion lets me keep close check on myself so I don’t end up with Popeye arms!

By keeping your muscles engaged longer, they stay pumped up long after your workout, requiring more fuel. More calories. So you will drop some weight fast, especially if you haven’t been working out much or not at all.

It’s also very important to eat the proper foods to complement the workout, especially quality protein sources. If you don’t consume enough protein, your body will burn some of your muscle, along with fat. That’s not good. Do some research into a good eating program. One that doesn’t ask you to starve yourself or eat only one type of food, day after day. You’ll feel better all around and, believe me, you will look fantastic!

Steve Mancini is the best-selling author of “Weeping Willow Volume One: Welcome to River Bend” and the popular web series, “Poor Paul”. Since the age of sixteen, he’s been exercising regularly and doing his darndest to eat foods that help keep him lean, energetic and happy. Imagine that!

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