How To Lose Weight With Slimming Tea

How to Lose Weight with Slimming Tea

by Etienne Stols

Are there days when you feel particularly sleepy, bloated and tired?. Even if you are on a weight loss program, you could still feel the low mood. Often, this is the result of not having good digestion, and that things are not moving through the body the way they should.

There is a solution for you, Slimming Tea!

Slimming Tea is a delicious mix of apple and cinnamon with herbs carefully chosen for their ability to clear the GI tract. The liver and kidneys are the two main organs of the body responsible for filtering, so it is very important for our health to keep these organs detoxified so that they can work at their maximum level. Otherwise, the toxins that are usually removed would create a wide range of health problems such as weight gain, fatigue, skin problems, depression, allergies, digestive problems, and many more. The Slimming Tea is designed to help you feel lighter, healthier and have more energy during the day.

Several Slimming Tea herbs have been used for centuries to maintain healthy bowel function and to provide support to the kidneys and liver. Senna promotes the flow of bile, which in turn stimulates the action of the intestines. Dandelion provides similar benefits, and is actually known as one of the best remedies for liver problems.

Green tea and herbal Althaea promote kidney function, removing excess water from the body. In addition, the Althaea herb provides benefits beyond its known diuretic properties, and was used in 200 BC, by the Greeks under the name “Althae”, meaning “cure”. The ancient Egyptians also recognized Althaea for its healing properties. The Roman author Pliny, said, “Anyone who takes a spoonful of Althaea, from that day will be free of all diseases”.

Slimming Tea can be used for a variety of reasons:

It can be used regularly as a cleanser and to detoxify. The frequency of this periodic cleaning is determined by how clean you are living -the food you eat, water you drink and the exercises you do.

Tip: Use Slimming Tea once a week of each month. This type of detoxification helps to lighten the burden overworked organs like the liver and kidneys.

Slimming Tea is excellent for use before starting a weight loss program.

Tip: Take the tea for 5 days before starting your program. A clean system will make it possible for your body to remove the excess fat better. Also, when you start taking other products, the body can absorb and use them much more effectively – including the products you will be using for weight loss.

Slimming Tea is an amazing addition to a weight loss program.

Tip: Take the tea daily for 10 days, then do not take for 3 days, and repeat this cycle through your weight loss program. This will provide optimal digestion and will help eliminate food cravings.

How to best enjoy Slimming Tea:

Pour boiling water into a cup with one tea bag, leaving it for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently squeeze the tea bag so that the active ingredients are absorbed by the water. It works best if you take it right before bedtime, allowing the ingredients to work overnight.

Try combining slimming tea with a Well Balanced Diet will yield amazing results.

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