How to Lose Weight Fast Blog Video Thank You!

Thank You!

by Terry Goodman

I’ve written most of the articles in my how to lose weight fast blog and have a handful of carefully-chosen submissions from other authors, but sometimes I do stare at my computer screen  and wonder just how much benefit the readers are getting.

The comments I receive are definitely helpful and I’d like to thank everybody who’s already submitted one and please keep them coming! I do read them all.

A week or so ago I got a very nice surprise,  a young woman sent me a video just to let me know she appreciates what I’m doing and I must have watched it four or five times because I was so moved!  It’s good to know that I am truly affecting people in a positive way with this blog.

Weight loss can be very trying, even for people with great discipline, so I feel that having a community of people with common goals who can exchange information and support one another in their efforts is a very powerful tool.  There is strength in numbers, so let’s get our numbers up and the numbers on the scale down!

Without further ado, let’s see what one of our members has to share.

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