How Can I Lose Weight Fast – Lose Weight Fast and Easy

Time For a Fun and Healthy Diet Plan!

by Terry Goodman

Once you’ve made the decision to lose weight fast you want to lose the weight as quickly as possible, right?  Sure, who wouldn’t.  The best way to quick weight loss is to quit eating completely, right?  Wrong!  That’s horrible on your body.  You’ll discover that when you read my other blogs.  Here’s the real scoop.  The one thing virtually nobody thinks of when they are about to embark on a quick weight loss campaign.  The calorie.

Sure, everybody knows that calories are what adds fat or fuels our body, but do you know the actual definition of a calorie?  Well, it’s:  “A unit of energy equal to the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram (or one milliliter) of water by one degree Centigrade or Celsius.”

A pound of fat contains in the neighborhood of 3,500 calories.  Many lose weight fast diets claim you can lose three, four, even five pounds per week!  Realistically, to lose even two pounds of fat in a week, you’d have to consume 1,000 calories less than you burn per day, each and every day.  This is possible, of course, but will it freak you out? Unfortunately, most people who are interested in how to lose weight fast are already eating more than they burn, perhaps 1,000 calories per day.

So, you see, in order to lose two pounds in a week, that person would have to find a combination of increasing the amount of calories they burn and lower the amount they consume by 2,000 calories per day.  This is the thing most diet plans don’t tell you.  Then, in order to do this, the dieter must drastically change his diet and, more often than not, goes off the diet and ends up gaining weight faster than before.  That’s not good.

You want a good diet-exercise program that will jump start your metabolism, turning it into a fat burning furnace, but gentle enough so that you enjoy both the weight loss and the diet.  It’s never good to do anything “full bore” or “cold turkey”.  Your body adjusts to changes, but it adjusts to minor changes easier and quicker than sudden, drastic changes.

While you’re doing the Fat Burning Furnace diet, you’ll lose weight fast, but you’ll be guided through the process gently and lovingly by a man and wife who developed the diet because they were sick of the pain of being fat.  But they wanted a weight loss program they could enjoy and still enjoy eating lots of great tasting food.  And, after tons of extensive research and experimentation, they came up with a great diet and started shedding pounds, feeling more energetic and they looked great!

Friends started asking them how they could lose weight fast, yet seem so darned happy about their diet!  They shared their new diet with their friends and showed them how to lose weight fast too.  Soon, their Fat Burning Furnace diet was all the buzz in their, now lean and mean, circle of friends and family.

The great news is, the Fat Burning Furnace is now available to you!  Imagine how good you’ll look and feel once you begin your weight loss journey.  Think of the compliments you’ll be getting, because your skin glows and that new outfit fits you to a T!  If you’re ready to lose weight fast and easy, but by enjoying some of the best tasting foods you know, then take a look at the Fat Burning Furnace for yourself, because you deserve it.

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