Dieting To Lose Weight Fast – 4 Tricky Food Labels

It Says No Trans Fat, But Is That True?

by Avy Barnes

If you are dieting to lose weight fast, then clearly you understand the importance of getting proper nutrition. Food is where it’s at. If you are eating the right foods, the right way, and in the right patterns, then you are certainly on your way to a hot, sexy, lean, and healthy body… lightning fast!

However, the types of foods that are available to us these days to help us “supposedly” lose weight and improve our health are very sketchy… to say the least. And this is what I wanted to talk to you about today. There are 4 very sneaky food labels out there that you must be aware of to ensure you are getting the real deal. Read on to learn more.

1. 100% Whole Grain…

Are you shocked? So was I when I first learned about this! I bought a TON of products that were all claimed to be 100% whole grain. But here’s the problem: Most of these “whole grain” products out here contain wheat germ and very high levels of healthy carbs (fiber). However, this is usually just processed… and this will end up making these foods nothing but bleached wheat flour.

In order for a product to be considered true whole grain, it must have at least 20% whole grains… and most of the products on the market today have no more than 10%.

How do you know what’s good to get? Well, the easiest way to ensure you are getting real whole grains is to check the label of the food you are considering and ensure that the flour is whole grain flour and it must also contain other forms of whole grains.

2. 100% Natural Fruit…

If you see a product that claims that it is made with 100% all natural fruit, then I strongly recommend you check this out more thoroughly. The reason why is because a lot of these drinks and foods out here that claim to be made with 100% natural fruit have very little, and in some cases, NO natural fruit whatsoever in them. They are however made with artificial fruit flavoring, fruit puree, or extra sugar.

So, be sure to thoroughly check the label to ensure that it is TRULY made with 100% natural fruit.

3. No Trans Fat…

I’m pretty sure you have heard that out of all the fats there are, trans fat is by far the worst. This is the reason why you are probably noticing several products on the market today claiming that their foods are “Trans Fat Free”. But here’s the thing: In order for a product to be considered trans fat-free, it must contain 0.5 to zero trans-fat. Now, some of the products on the market that claim to be trans fat-free, increase the level of artificial saturated fat. This is BIG problem. The reason why is because artificial saturated fat contains trans fat! Natural saturated fat (which is not too bad for you… in very small portions) is found in lean meats and low-fat dairy foods.

So, if you see a product claiming to be trans fat-free, then make sure it doesn’t contain unnatural saturated fat.

4. Deceptive Claims On The Front…

A lot of product companies these days are going out their way to ensure their products are deemed healthy. So much so that a lot of these companies are stretching the truth! For example, many of those so-called “healthy snacks” you see at your local grocery are not really that healthy. Most of these “low-fat”, “low-carb”, etc. healthy snacks contain more sugar, artificial flavors, sugar substitutes, and even additional calories!

Bottom Line…

Food is what will get you lean. However, it is extremely important that whatever diet you go on is based on eating NATURAL foods. Deceptive healthy food options, in some cases, can be just as bad as the unhealthy version! If you go on a diet that has you eat natural foods, in a special way, then you can rest assure that not only will you quickly get leaner and more energetic, you will also enhance your overall health as well.

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